There are other people out there. Shock horror! Some are really good and cool and all of that. That should be encouraged and we should help them make this worthwhile. So here comes a list of neat people and their patreon pages — I myself can’t support all of them but together we can support many.

Art | Roleplaying games | Audio/video media | Written words | Just Plain Creative


Alex is creating art, queer selfies, community and non-binary antics.

Alexiel April is creating Art,Illustration,Character Design.

Anna Landin is creating Comics, Artwork and Imaginary Worlds.

Delaney King is creating Art, Games, Tutorials, Miniatures, Collecting

Ethan M. Aldridge is creating Illustrations, Comics and Fantastical Stories

Geneva B is creating Colorful Art and HoverGirls~

Ioana Muresan is creating Art, comics, fanart.

Jenn Ravenna is creating Illustrations & Photography

Jess Taylor is creating Comics and Illustrations.

Jocelyn Galey is creating Artwork & Worldbuilding.

Jules Scheele is creating illustrations and comics

Julie Lynn is creating Art.

Justine Lee Hirten is creating natural science illustrations and wildlife art.

Kim Myatt is creating illustrations

Kiri is creating art & stories

Lacey is creating Lies Within

Lissy Raine is creating Digital Artwork/DND Resources/Traditional Artwork

Mel Eisvogel is creating Illustrations and comics.

Mirjam is creating ART!

Nelly Karlsson is creating comics.

SamraeDuke is creating Illustrations and Books

Sarah Horrocks is creating Comics and Comic Criticism

Scout Tran is creating mayhem.

Shirley Jackson is creating Magic and Cute Stuff

Sophie Campbell is creating angsty girl comics.

Susanah Grace is creating Art, Illustration.

TeaKitsune is creating artwork inspired by Japanese yōkai

theunburnedwitch is creating art, tabletop games, comix, & other geekery

Viktor Engholm is creating illustrations and comics.

Yossra is creating Comics and art tutorials.

Xan Larson is creating comics, and mythological creatures.

Roleplaying games

Allie Bustion  is creating tabletop games, supplements, and hacks!

Anna Kreider is creating blog posts about feminism and marginalized experiences in gaming

Brie Beau Sheldon is creating Game Design and Journalism.

DC is creating Supplements and hacks for tabletop role-playing games.

Donathin Frye is creating tabletop roleplaying games, and other stories

DropTheDie is creating TTRPG Reviews, GM Tips, and Content.

Dylan Grinder is creating RPG content.

Hollow Tale are creating Tabletop RPG Tips, Reviews and Lore videos on youtube

I Need Diverse Games is creating Diversity in the art of gaming via articles, podcasting & advocating equity.

Jess Go is creating streams, podcasts, ttrpg content and community.

Jessica Osborne is creating TTRPG content.

Katy Morgan is creating roleplay streams, tabletop communities, communities for everyone

KiennaS is creating tabletop roleplaying games, livestreams, and resources

Kira Magrann is creating Experimental Analogue Roleplaying Games & Videos

The Starving Soubrette is creating TTRPGs and words about them.

Tanya C. DePass is creating Articles, blog posts and Let’s Plays of diverse gaming content.

Audio/video media

Gnomedic is creating TTRPG live streams, videos, newsletters, and podcasts with love!

Grant Ellis is creating Tabletop Roleplaying Game Live Shows.

Hal Duncan is creating Readings.

Hyper RPG is creating videos and RPG streams on Twitch.

Kelli – The Opera Geek is creating opera, game music covers, & D&D/TTRPG/gaming streaming.

THE CRITICAL BARD is creating acapella music & bardic inspiration.

Written words

Brandon O’Brien is creating poetry, fiction, games, and other forms of obeah

Catherynne M. Valente is creating Rule-Breaking Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Writing About Writing.

Colin Spacetwinks is creating dirty furry stories and games.

Damien is creating A Future Worth Thinking About

Elle Maruska is creating poems, stories, essays

Erin Bradshaw / @TukRoll is creating Poetry, fiction, and TTRPG worldbuilding content

Kameron Hurley is creating Short stories

VL Darling is creating erotica, smut, dirty little stories of sex, love, and kink.

Just Plain Creative

Aras Sivad is creating Tabletop Accessories and Utter Chaos

Kikka is creating Baking recipes.

missmonster is creating masks, dolls, toys, paintings and drawings!

Takuma Okada is creating Games, Music, Essays, and Art